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High quality, high efficiency and value creation
All machines are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet diversified challenges.

What is metalworking, forming, cutting and joining of metalworking
Metalworking, as the name implies, uses metal to make individual parts. Metalworking can use a wide range...
How are 3D stamping decorations used in the decoration business
There are various misunderstandings about the uses of 3D stamping decorations. It can be said with certainty...
What are the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing compared to other manufacturing processes?
3D printing has the following three main advantages: 1. Unlimited design space For objects with complex...
What is a 3D-printed prototype, and what are the six major challenges faced by 3D-printed prototypes?
What is a 3D-printed prototype? Many people may not know that a prototype is the first prototype. Simply...
Will 3D Printing Replace CNC Machining
Since the 1950s, CNC machining has been the most common prototyping method. But what will tomorrow be...
Applications and challenges of 3D printing in the financial industry
The application of 3D printing technology in the financial industry has become increasingly prevalent...
Comparison and contrast of 3D metal printing and traditional manufacturing technologies
3D metal printing is a disruptive technology that many believe will revolutionize the global manufacturing...
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Matrix Laser Technology Co., Ltd focuses on cutting-edge laser technologies and applications for unique industrial sectors by carrying on engineering co-development with leading engineering universities in China. With a technology-based, customer-oriented, and process-supported proposition, we aim to serve the global market with 3D printing and ultrafast laser processing technologies.

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