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Does the popularity of 3D printing technology mean the decline of the mold industry?

I don’t know why some people are still hyping the concept that 3D printing will subvert the manufacturing industry, especially the mold industry. So how can we clearly understand the current role of 3D printing technology in the mold industry?

First of all, we must clearly distinguish the roles. The significance of industrial molds is to achieve high-volume and efficient production and greatly reduce the production of finished products. The current main role of 3D printing is to help everyone quickly verify models and support new research and new designs in the mold industry.

3D printing has brought innovation and vitality to the mold manufacturing industry. Since trial products can be obtained and confirmed in advance through 3D printing, this reduces repeated mold changes after mold opening and even mold project failures. There is also the emergence of metal 3D printing technology, which can manufacture molds with conformal cooling water channels, improving the production efficiency and product quality of the molds.

The biggest difference between current molds and 3D printing molds is the difference in production quantity. Traditional mold manufacturing is often in quantities of tens of millions, while 3D printing focuses on customization and small batches. Therefore, in the future, similar to 3D printing technology, it will subvert the mold industry. Don’t mention the false proposition again.
Although any emerging industry will be compared with traditional technology, it should also be viewed from a developmental, open, and correct perspective, rather than hype. The same is true for the current blockchain. Remember to work hard to rejuvenate the country, and speculation will harm the country!

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