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2023 Shenzhen 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Exhibition DME

Exhibition time: 2023-11-27 ~ 11-30
Venue: China-Shenzhen Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall)
Exhibition industry: 3D printing
Sponsor: Telecom Group


Shenzhen 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Exhibition (DME) is one of the most concerned professional exhibitions under DMP Industry Fair. Based in Shenzhen, it covers the entire Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and radiates the national industrial manufacturing market. Bringing together the most cutting-edge, most valuable, and most trendy industrial technology products, with a wide variety of categories and forms. It presents the true strength and level of the current development of machinery and equipment manufacturing in China and the world.


Shenzhen 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Exhibition (DME) has won the trust of the industry and attracted many industry leaders to actively participate in the exhibition. , Wacker Chemicals, Velojet, Guangdong Hanbang, Raiming Laser, Yisu Laser, Junchen 3D, Villari, Innovation 3D, Mofang Technology, Feibai Technology, Malu Technology, Spring Valley Industrial Park, Weinan Industrial Park , Hong Kong 3D Printing Association and other well-known enterprises competed to appear.

2023 Shenzhen 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Exhibition – Exhibits

3D printing equipment: industrial 3D printer, desktop 3D printer, 3D printing manufacturing equipment (rapid prototyping machine, rapid manufacturing equipment), laser engraving machine, 3D laser scanning, 3D laser engraving machine, laser plate making, laser equipment, 3D measuring instrument, Three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine/instrument, three-dimensional camera, three-dimensional laser copying machine, etc.

3D printing software: 3D design system, motion capture system, 3D photogrammetry system, detection and reverse engineering software, 3D detection software, popular application of 3D design software, printing software, etc.

3D printing materials: photosensitive resin, plastic powder materials (nylon, nylon glass brazing, nylon carbon fiber, nylon aluminum powder, Peek material), etc., metal powder materials (die steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and CoCrMo alloy, iron-nickel alloy), ABS/PLA raw materials, etc.

3D printing services: 3D printing modeling, rapid prototyping, prototype production, and other rapid prototyping, reverse engineering services; 3D scanning and measurement, investment and financing services, etc.

3D printing accessories: filament drawing machine, extruder, stepper motor, belt, roller, related accessories, etc.

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