3D printed Mini-Mango

Product: Mini-Mango Material: Stainless steel 316 Dimension: 16.09*18.43*48.42mm Weight: 8.45g/set Volume: 1.06 cm³ Machine: Matrix-MA280 (110 sets per chamber) Cycle time: 30-35h/chamber   Mango Jewelry Design and Printing Process: – Original Idea The idea of this unique Mini-Mango design is to innovate creators/designers for lightweight and complex structures for jewelry products with SLM 3D printers. …

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What are the applications of 3D printing technology in heavy industry?

Compared with the traditional heavy industry manufacturing process cumbersome, expensive, serious pollution and other problems, the emergence of 3D printing technology gives industrial production a new look! What magic does it possess that has successfully fought its way out of the siege with more efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly advantages? How is it used in …

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Matrix Laser Technology Co., Ltd focuses on cutting-edge laser technologies and applications for unique industrial sectors by carrying on engineering co-development with leading engineering universities in China. With a technology-based, customer-oriented, and process-supported proposition, we aim to serve the global market with 3D printing and ultrafast laser processing technologies.

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