3D printed Mini-Mango

Product: Mini-Mango

Material: Stainless steel 316

Dimension: 16.09*18.43*48.42mm

Weight: 8.45g/set

Volume: 1.06 cm³

Machine: Matrix-MA280 (110 sets per chamber)

Cycle time: 30-35h/chamber


Mango Jewelry Design and Printing Process:

– Original Idea

The idea of this unique Mini-Mango design is to innovate creators/designers for lightweight and complex structures for jewelry products with SLM 3D printers.

– Inspiration

The final jewelry profile is a combination of mango outlook and porous network structure from Carol, which invites multiple elements for complex design.

– SLM 3D Printing

We use Matrix-MA280 to print 316L material, which enables the possibility of 110 sets on a single substrate to meet both speed and efficiency. The total printing time for a substrate is around 30 hours.

– Cooling and Support Removal

When the printing process is over, the parts stay together with the substrate in the building chamber until it cools down to normal temperature. So we can clean the extra powder and remove the support from the design.

– Heat Treatment

By heat treatment in the oven, we could eliminate the mechanical stress from heated up printing temperature.

– Linear Cutting

By this process, we could remove all printed parts from the substrate once and for all.

– Surface Treatment

With the proper surface treatment process and accessories, we could finish the printed parts to target the design effect.

– Plating

According to the end-user request or final demonstration result, it’s possible to deploy a plating process to show certain colors or certain precious metal coating.


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