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What are the domestic 3d printer brands

In fact, what kind of 3D printer to choose depends on your use needs.

Generally, the difference between different 3D printers is mainly: 1, the type of material that can be printed (metal or non-metal), depending on the final part use scenario; 2, printing molding technology, different technologies can print parts with different characteristics; 3, printing accuracy, of course, the higher the better; 4, whether post-processing is needed, some printer post-processing needs special equipment or sites, such as metal 3D printers from printing to post-processing, need to carry out special protection for personnel; 5, 3D printer price (very critical!) ; 6, after-sales service and technical support, good after-sales support is conducive to faster handling of the problem, generally large and medium-sized companies have a complete after-sales technology department, many people in order to figure cheap equipment will ignore, in fact, this is very important.

General foreign famous 3D printer brands are: stratasys, markforged, envisiontec, makerbot, Renishaw and so on, there are also many domestic independent 3D printer brands, such as Shenzhen Matrix laser mainly based on FDM technology and photocuring technology. Printing materials for ABS, PLA, TPU, photosensitive resin and other common non-metal 3D printing materials, high printing accuracy, after-sales protection.

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