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3D printing offers possibility to produce geometrics which are impossible from conventional technologies such as CNC, forging, extrusion, or casting, due to design and process limitation. The flexibility of 3D printing offers  optimized geometrics with less weight, more resistance, improved heat exchange, and all without tooling.

Provide SLM,SLS,FDM,SLA,DLP 3D Printer Serivce

As a medium-sized metal 3D printer with an updated design, Matrix-MA280 can print small quantities with several parts on a single substrate. Despite ongoing development and the arrival of new materials, this compatible build volume 3D printer has been offered on the market for years. MA280 printers are widely used for applications such as molding, precision industrial components, aerospace and automotive industry.

Metal Printer Series

Selective laser melting (SLM) is a comparatively newer 3D-printing technology and developed in 1995 by German scientists. Similar to SLA where UV laser is used, a high-powered laser beam is used in SLM to form 3D parts. During the printing process, the laser beam melts and fuses various metallic powders together.

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Matrix Laser Technology Co., Ltd focuses on cutting-edge laser technologies and applications for unique industrial sectors by carrying on engineering co-development with leading engineering universities in China. With a technology-based, customer-oriented, and process-supported proposition, we aim to serve the global market with 3D printing and ultrafast laser processing technologies.

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