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Printing application Tips (1)

In 3D printing, some of the practical skills are lacking, often printing out failed models, both time-consuming and labor-intensive, hard work, left and right to change the model, and finally come out of the look is terrible. Here, Matrix Laser summed up the knowledge for you to help you in the printing process can play some small help.

Today, Matrix Laser would like to explain some questions about the work of 3D printers:

Extrusion of wire:

The problem of general wire extrusion is more common, but it is also the easiest to solve.

The silk is not smooth: it may be caused by the nozzle temperature, printing material, nozzle blockage, too close to the platform, and other reasons. Clean up the nozzle with a tool and adjust the distance between the nozzle and the platform.

Extrusion wire can not adhere to the printing board:

Usually, the consumables extruded by the nozzle are directly attached to the printing board and will not be pulled apart by the nozzle. But there will inevitably be other circumstances.

In this case, the most likely is that the extruder moves too fast, the extruder temperature setting problem and the platform surface problem, a small number of reasons are that you neglect to adjust the platform before printing the distance between the nozzle and the platform.

For detailed operations, you can read “How to solve the problem that the printed consumables cannot be glued to the platform”.

Extrusion capacity of wire:

The impact of too much or too little extruded wire on our printed model is very serious, light surface lamination is obvious, heavy model gap.

Therefore, in this regard, we pay attention to the factors of the consumables themselves and the rate of extrusion.

Print warping edge:

The causes of warping are the distance between the nozzle and the platform, the temperature of the nozzle, and so on.

This only needs to adjust the spacing between the nozzle and the platform and pay attention to the printing temperature of the material used to prevent the occurrence of warping.

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