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3D printing brings garden chairs back to life

With the continuous advancement of 3D printing technology, people’s creativity has gained more room to play, thus bringing infinite possibilities.


Replique and Siena Garden produce over 1,000 3D printed chair foot covers to bring garden chairs back to life

On August 7, 2023, 3D printing solution provider Replique announced a partnership with Siena Garden, a well-known German garden furniture brand, and has successfully produced more than 1,000 3D printed chair foot covers, adding new vitality to garden chairs. This cooperation not only demonstrates the mutual commitment of both parties to sustainable development but also makes a positive contribution to the circular economy by integrating the 4R principles of sustainable development (reduce, reuse, recycle, restore) into the restoration pillar.


The purpose of Replique’s operation is to help enterprises stop warehousing and realize on-demand procurement

About two years ago, they launched the “Forever Spares” concept, which aims to promote sustainability by providing ongoing replacement parts for garden furniture. This concept extends the life of the product and reduces waste.


(L to R) Henrike Wonneberger, Replique COO and Co-Founder Dr. Max Siebert, and Replique Co-Founder and CDO of H. Gautzsch Firmengruppe Peter Benthues

Print more than 1000 chair foot covers

Replique’s 3D printing platform enables the seamless integration of spare parts, enabling these parts to be produced locally on demand, eliminating excess inventory, and avoiding excessive minimum order quantities. This move not only saves costs for Siena Garden but also improves customer satisfaction by providing better after-sales service. In addition to foot caps, the Siena Garden online store offers other repair parts for Holywood swings and garden loungers such as handles, connectors, and moving parts.

This case shows that, in addition to large-scale machinery and equipment, 3D printing can also bring about major changes in the field of small, everyday parts. Without this technology, these spare parts would not be available, which could result in a worn-out or scrapped appearance of the garden furniture.


Premium garden chairs from Siena Garden

Unleash agility with digital inventory

Henrike Wonneberger, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Replique said: “We are very pleased to celebrate this important milestone with Siena Garden. By providing on-demand production, eliminating the burden of inventory, and facilitating repairs, we aim to gradually have a positive impact on the planet .”

Peter Benthues, Chief Digital Officer of H. Gautzsch Firmengruppe, the parent company of Siena Garden, said: “The partnership with Replique is another important step in our commitment to environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction. This milestone reinforces our mission to deliver products that last.”

It is understood that the reason why the project chose to launch around “Earth Overshoot Day” is to emphasize the importance of people living within the ecological limits of the earth and to make the significance of this milestone more profound.

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