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Answers to several key points you need to pay attention to when printing ABS

ABS material is one of the most commonly used, accessible, and versatile materials for 3D printing. How to successfully print with ABS material is explained in a question and answer mode. I hope it can help those of those of those of you who are just getting started with 3D printing.
Q: What is ABS material?
ABS material is a common injection moldable thermoplastic that can be used to make Lego toys, common tools, sports equipment, etc. If you are used to printing with PLA materials, you may find that ABS is a little more complicated to print. There are more steps required and the setup is different. However, ABS material is indeed very resistant to high temperature and extrusion, and the molding effect is also relatively good.

Q: Many friends will have some problems with the first layer when printing. So what should you pay attention to when printing the first layer?
A: When 3D printing, the first layer is a very important part. Therefore, the parameter settings of the first layer must be correct. Here are a few key points to grasp:
1. The printing platform needs to be leveled.
2. Before printing, the nozzle must be returned to the origin, and the distance between the nozzle and the printing platform must be within the correct range.
3. It is necessary to ensure that the platform has good adhesion so that the ABS material can stick to the platform.
4. Make sure the nozzle has been heated to the correct temperature.

Q: Many people want to know whether it is better to use masking tape or apply glue when printing ABS?
A: Usually, applying glue will give better results. It is best to apply a layer of glue on the platform before printing. However, the printing effect is also related to the surrounding environment, set temperature, etc. It does not mean that as long as you use glue, the effect will be better than masking tape. This needs to be analyzed according to the specific situation.

Q: Is there anything special about the nozzle distance?
A: If the nozzle is too far away from the platform, the ABS material will not fit well with the platform. If the nozzle is too close to the platform, it will also block the smooth extrusion of the material, which may cause blockage if used for a long time. This is the same as PLA material and some other materials, there is nothing special about it.

Q: I just mentioned setting the temperature of the nozzle, so how to set it correctly?
A: When printing with a new material for the first time, theoretically we will start printing at 230 degrees, and then adjust it up or down about 5 degrees to ensure the print quality and the strength of the part. But in actual operation, it is best to refer to the reference temperature given by the material supplier for setting. Because when the temperature is too high, stringing is prone to occur, and you will notice that a lot of plastic leaks out when the nozzle moves between various parts.

If this happens, you should try to gradually lower the temperature, about 5 degrees, until the nozzle no longer oozes so much material. Of course, drawing is also related to retraction. It is recommended to set the retraction setting. In the advanced settings menu of the slicing software, select the retraction setting and select the retraction length of about 4 to 5 mm.

When the temperature is too low, many situations may occur. For example, the layers may not fit well together, or the printed surface may be rough, or the printed parts may not be hard enough and may even separate if pulled hard. If any of the above situations occur, you need to increase the temperature of the nozzle, and try again and again by increasing it by 5 degrees each time until each layer can be printed perfectly.

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