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Brooks partners with HP to develop 3D printed running shoes

HP announced on October 7, 2023, a new partnership with Brooks Running, a Berkshire Hathaway-owned sportswear company, to jointly develop 3D printing solutions manufactured with HP Exhilarate-BL shoes. Brooks said that their BlueLine laboratory has been continuously researching technology, biomechanics, engineering, and design to improve the performance of running shoes. Such cooperation is a major milestone and will bring more innovative products and technologies to provide running enthusiasts with a more comfortable experience.


Brooks’ new high-performance 3D-printed sneakers

Brooks’ Exhilarate-BL sneakers feature the latest 3DNA technology, which is unique in 3D printing midsoles. According to the company, this technology allows for greater propulsion and a bouncy ride. Brooks specifically designs and adjusts based on runner data to ensure every runner enjoys the best cushioning and rebound experience. This way, every step you take becomes more comfortable and easier!

As early as 2017, the famous American sports brand Brooks entered the 3D printing personalized footwear market.

In addition, Brooks also said that HP has verified their Multi Jet Fusion technology, which produces midsoles that can provide a higher energy return than 90% of running shoe midsoles currently on the market.

According to Nikhil Jain, Director of Footwear Product Line Management and BlueLine at Brooks, they are leveraging HP’s 3D printing technology to create high-performance running shoes for consumers. This technology enables millimeter-level precision to fine-tune midsole elements that cannot be matched by other manufacturing methods. As a brand that pursues science and personalized customization, Brooks has more innovation and development potential that can be tapped. It is worth noting that the brand also pays attention to sustainable development and is actively exploring the use of 3D printing technology to reduce energy and raw material consumption. This also brings more growth opportunities and prospects for enterprises.

Brooks plans to release a limited edition Exhilarate-BL sneaker as part of a test-and-learn program for Brooks Wear testers and loyal Brooks Run Club fans. These sneakers can be synchronized with wearable devices on the DashLX platform to help Brooks obtain runner data, such as stride length, cadence, and other information, as well as factors such as weight and height. This data will help launch 3DNA technology in Brook’s shoes in the future, allowing every runner to better enjoy running.


3D-printed snow goggles provide a truly custom fit, eliminating light leaks, air gaps, and more

3D printing shines in sports products

HP believes that thoughtful innovation can make a real impact, having a positive impact on business, people, and the planet. Its 3D printing solutions help industries such as automotive, healthcare, industrial, packaging, consumer goods, and sporting goods achieve more sustainable manufacturing and production. Compared with traditional manufacturing, production using 3D printing is faster, more energy-saving, more time-saving, and reduces waste.

In addition to Brooks, many other companies are using HP’s 3D printing technology to transform different industries. For example, HP has partnered with Decathlon, one of the world’s largest sporting goods companies, and Lonati Group, a large textile company, to use Multi Jet Fusion technology to create more sustainable footwear components, providing more recyclable, locally produced, and customized shoes. Class selection. In addition, HP is working with Smith Optics to create personalized ski goggles that eliminate problems such as light leakage, air gaps, and hot spots. Not only are these products more sustainable, but they also make skiing safer and more enjoyable. Together, HP promotes a more sustainable future through purpose-driven innovation.

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