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Characteristics of 3D printing application in jewelry industry

3D printing is an emerging technology with a wide range of applications, which has had a certain impact on the market of many current products. The jewelry industry is no exception. 3D printing has brought changes to the production process and the completion of more complex designs. Today, Mohou.com will tell you in detail: what are the characteristics of the jewelry industry using 3D printing technology?

3D-printed jewelry has its own distinctive characteristics:

1. Complex structure and diversified styles
The digital characteristics of 3D printing can realize the complexity and diversity of jewelry design structures. It can create more novel works, such as curved surfaces, hollows, etc.
2. Three-dimensional
Compared with ordinary jewelry, 3D printed jewelry is more three-dimensional and full, and is more sparkling and elegant.

3. Customizable
3D printed jewelry is first 3D-modeled and then printed, which is more suitable for private customization and everyone can be a designer.
4. Simplify the design and production process
Simplifying the design and production process Because it is not difficult for professionals to adjust the built 3D model, single-production printing will not increase the workload too much in the process.

The development prospects of 3D printing in the jewelry industry will be better in the future. In the future, you only need to use 3D modeling software to build your personalized model, and you can print any shape through a 3D printer.

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