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Comparison between 3D printed figures and traditional animation figures

In recent years, with the development of the animation industry, more and more animation products, both at home and abroad, have entered our daily lives in various forms. The animation industry has a huge market space, and the products derived from the animation industry have an even greater market space. Well-known animation peripheral products, catering brands, clothing brands, etc. all have a mutually beneficial relationship with the animation industry. In terms of 3D printing, a series of popular things, such as mission characters, weapons, and mounts in animation products, can be transformed into our real lives through electronic screens using 3D printing technology.
In traditional figure production, making figures not only requires a large amount of materials and tools, but also requires a richly experienced figure modeler. Moreover, a good figure modeler also needs a lot of time to practice and accumulate. It is not a one-stop shop. The results can be seen in about two years. Traditional hand-made models require modelers to draw them one stroke at a time, which requires patience and skill. Good work requires careful attention to every corner, from the inside to the outside. But to use 3D printing technology to make a figure, you only need a computer for modeling, a printer for printing, and some printing materials. If you need to process it later, you can find a polisher and colorist. In this way, if several people divide the labor to make one, the efficiency is much higher than that of one person.
From the above comparison, it can be seen that for hand-made figures, the learning cost of 3D printing figures is relatively low. One or two years of modeling training will make you very professional, but if you don’t have five or six years of professional training in making figures by hand, you really can’t make a decent model. 3D printing figures have low costs, high efficiency, and guaranteed quality. This most commercial choice will definitely eliminate backward production methods. Therefore, 3D printing figures are compared with the production methods of traditional figures. It is not difficult to see the development of 3D printing technology, which can be produced in large quantities and completed in a short time. During model design, customers can also communicate with designers and modify some details at any time to achieve the most satisfactory results for them.

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