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Do you know the advantages of 3D printing?

1. The biggest advantage of 3D printing is that there are almost no restrictions on the models that can be printed. 3D printing builds models by stacking layers, and different materials can be selected for printing according to different models, enabling the printing of any complex structural model. To a certain extent, 3D printing has broken the limitations of traditional casting and machine tool processing on structural parts. At the same time, it has made major breakthroughs in aspects such as arbitrary curved surfaces and small inner cavities that are difficult to manufacture.

3D printing has had a certain impact on the traditional mold manufacturing industry, but due to some immature technologies, it is still difficult to replace traditional mold manufacturing.

2. 3D printing has no restrictions on raw materials. For general desktop 3D printers, the materials required are linear and do not need to be limited by the size and original shape of the jade stone like jade processing.
3. 3D printing is faster and more time-saving in some aspects. For example, printing a house, a non-linear building of about 500 square meters, takes at least half a year using traditional construction methods, but using 3D printing technology, it can be completed in a few days.

4. 3D printing technology can be directly controlled by a computer, according to the model data STL file, eliminating the need for mold making, cutting, grinding and other processes, and effectively saving manpower, material resources, and time. Moreover, 3D printing can also achieve personalized production and overcome the shortcomings of assembly line production products.
5. There are more and more applications of 3D printing in medical disciplines. Shandong Jiaozhou Central Hospital uses 3D printing technology to print high-precision 1:1 physical models of scapula fractures for patients. This not only provides great help to the success of the operation but also fills the gap in the use of 3D printing technology for comminuted fractures of the scapula. In the past, orthopedic surgeons mostly received standardized, mass-produced artificial bones. When the bones were combined, they had to either re-polish and correct the artificial bones or polished the patient’s bones. 3D-manufactured bones will solve this dilemma.

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