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How do I achieve no support when 3D printing? This explanation may be the most appropriate

There is a tedious step in the post-processing of 3D printing models, which is to support them. Every time I see the Matrix staff meticulously supporting them, I just wish that 3D printing could be done without supports. Later, I looked at some 3D printed models. Design, where the discovered model placement can determine whether to add supports,.

For example, the author used a 3D printer to print a pair of screws and nuts. During the slicing process, I found that the printed screws and nuts can be placed in two ways, one is placed horizontally, and the other is placed vertically. So the question is, what does placement have to do with support?

It can be found that due to different placement methods, the slicing effects of the model are also different. If the model is placed flat with nuts, it can avoid support, and if the screws are placed flat, it will increase support. After countless attempts, we found that the model printed without support has a better fit and the model surface is smoother. Therefore, it is recommended that when printing a model, you should judge how to avoid or reduce the support structure based on the shape and size of the model. This requires us to judge based on 3D printing experience. It does not matter if you have no experience. Through many 3D printing experiences, you can accumulate your experience. experience.

In addition to screws and nuts, there are also water traps that can also be 3D printed. If you like growing flowers, learn about it. A water diverter, as the name suggests, separates water flow. The water distributor model in this article guides the flow of water from one stream to three streams. This is a very standard diverter. You only need to connect a hose to the pipe mouth. It is very suitable for outdoor garden use. This device can also be used in small hydroponics.

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