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How do we solve the problem that details cannot be printed?

Your printer has a fixed-size nozzle that allows you to accurately print very fine details. For example, many printers are equipped with nozzles with 0.4-mm-diameter openings. This is sufficient when printing many pieces, but you will run into problems when printing extremely fine details that are smaller than the diameter of the nozzle. Mohou.com has a very clear understanding of this. For example, you are trying to print a 0.2-mm-thick wall using a 0.4-mm nozzle. The problem is that you can’t exactly produce 0.2-mm extruded filament from a 0.4-mm extruder. The extruded filament width must always be larger than or equal to the nozzle diameter. Therefore, when you open Print Preview in Simplify3, you will find that the software removes subtle features. This is the software’s way of telling you that you cannot print features that are too fine using the nozzles currently installed on your printer.
1. Redesign the model with thin walls
The most obvious option is to redesign your model to only include features that are larger than your nozzle diameter. Often, this involves editing the 3D model in a CAD file to modify the dimensions of subtle features. After you increase the thickness of your subtle features, you can re-import the model into Simplify 3D to check if your printer can print the 3D shape you created. Mohou.com reminds everyone that you must preview. If the features can be seen in preview mode, the printer can print the modified features.

2. Install a nozzle with a smaller opening diameter
Most of the time, you won’t be able to edit the original 3D model directly. For example, it could be designed by someone else, or you could download it from the Internet. At this point, you need to consider equipping your printer with a second nozzle to print finer features. For most printers, the nozzles are removable, making it easier to adjust them after purchase. For example, you can buy a 0.3mm and a 0.5mm nozzle at the same time, giving you two options. Contact your printer provider for precise instructions on changing to a smaller nozzle.

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