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How to check the hardware if the 3D printer does not discharge material?

For 3D printing enthusiasts, after everything is in place, the printer cannot squeeze out filament. What is usually the reason?
If the 3D printer fails to extrude the filament smoothly when performing a printing task, it is not only a hardware problem, but also a software problem, and even the quality of the filament will also affect it.

1. Low-quality consumables
What are the good quality consumables for 3D printing? In fact, for now, as long as they are not used in industrial production, ordinary people cannot know the strength, hardness, softness and other issues of consumables. For ordinary users, the quality of 3D printing consumables usually depends on whether they can print normally. learned.

2. Is the extruder working normally?
As far as current extruders are concerned, the motor usually drives another elastic gear to control the normal input of filament to the nozzle. When a problem occurs, you must first check whether the motor gear is operating. If the motor gear is operating normally but the filament can only squeeze out a small amount or not at all, try pressing the wrench of the elastic gear. If it is loose, just tighten it, such as If the filament still cannot be squeezed out after tightening, see the next step;

3. Nozzle clogged
There are two types of nozzle clogging, one is internal clogging, and the other is external clogging. Internal blockage is usually caused by carbonization of consumables that have been exposed to high temperatures for a long time, and they need to be cleared after heating. However, for wooden consumables, they must be cleared immediately after use, otherwise the wood powder will completely block the nozzle and cannot be easily removed, and the nozzle must be replaced.

External blockage usually occurs when the platform is changed, that is, whether the platform is parallel to the nozzle. Some users often forget to adjust the platform after changing different types of masking paper, causing the nozzle to print on the masking paper.

In terms of hardware, 3D printers are not complicated. For users, they only need to understand the process of how the filament changes from filament to model. Then keep the 3D printer’s firmware up to date. The hardware of 3D printers does not have complex designs. The complex designs are mainly in the firmware. By modifying the firmware, the hardware can be made more accurate and stable. Therefore, usually, when upgrading a 3D printer, it is recommended to use the original design instead of changing it at will.

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