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Is a bigger 3D printer really better?

With the continuous development of technology and the increasingly urgent needs of mankind, 3D printing companies are making their products bigger and bigger, just like the development of mobile phone screens.
3D printing is not an unfamiliar word, especially in manufacturing and medical biology, where 3D printing has already made great achievements. However, with the gradual development of 3D printing, the original technology of 3D printers has not been further improved, especially the development of FDM technology, which can basically be said to have no technological breakthrough. However, some companies are keen on one thing: big, bigger! To use Apple’s advertising slogan: What makes it big.

But as 3D printers get bigger and bigger, are they really any good?

As we all know, common problems in 3D printers are mainly layer transfer, material breakage, power outage, etc. Although there are many solutions to these problems, are they guaranteed to stop printing when problems occur?

Looking at 3D printers on the market, the material break detection is usually near the extruder control line, not at the filament inlet and outlet of the extruder. If the filament is disconnected at the extruder, the printer will still think that the filament supply is normal. The extruder will have no consumables to extrude, causing idling. For this work, it can basically be declared a failure.

The phenomenon of layer transfer is mostly caused by insufficient motor strength. If the motor strength is too strong, the inertia of the extruder’s own weight will cause the extruder module to shake slightly, causing some filaments to extrude out of the model trajectory. At the same time, in order to save costs, large-scale 3D printers adopt the belt drive mode, which will indirectly affect the model’s accuracy over long distances.

Secondly, the weight of large-scale 3D printers is generally heavy. During transportation, DIY-type machines can be transported separately, while the all-in-one machine needs to be transported by machine, which is not very practical for ordinary users.

It can be seen that large-scale 3D printers have more gimmicks than practical uses, especially FDM-based 3D printers. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy such 3D printers, it is better to buy several small 3D printers, especially when pursuing precision. If required, printing in batches with a small 3D printer may achieve better results.

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