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On the impact of 3D printing technology on the animation industry

For the impact of 3D printing in the animation industry, everyone has different opinions. 3D printing has already had an impact on the animation industry, but I don’t know if this impact will be big enough to change the industry. Some people think that 3D printing in the mobile industry is difficult, and some people think that the time is just not yet. Matrix Laser is more inclined to the latter: 3D printing can affect the animation industry to a large extent, and it is likely to change the animation industry in the future. Moreover, not only the animation industry but also large areas such as the high-end decoration industry and educational tool industry will be affected by 3d printing technology.

Some people question the quality of the products printed by 3D printers, and indeed for now, 3D printing technology needs to be further developed. Many desktop 3D printers have low accuracy, and the printed products are not so ideal, there will be obvious traces, but there are also 3D printers with a slightly higher cost. For example, the SLA3D printer on the desktop can solve the lamination problem of the model. The effect of resin material printing is used to make a white model of the hand, and I feel that the accuracy has reached the accuracy requirements of the hand. So in terms of accuracy, with the popularity of 3D printing. If high-precision 3D printers can achieve a relatively affordable price, it is not a matter of promotion.

This does not require copyright, in other words, if you can do it, you may reduce the amount of official website purchases. Something as personalized as 3D printing can be modified as long as the 3D design is well-learned. However, there is also a serious problem, which manual control can also have: 3D printing design ability, manual grinding assistance ability, and manual coloring ability. But I believe that the devil is high and the road is high, and the army will stop the water. It is not certain what website platform will come out to help people design handwork, or where to open a physical store for handwork white model color.

In summary, Matrix Laser believes that with the increasing maturity and perfection of 3D printing technology. Will be very likely to change the animation industry and the future of things who knows? In the fields of art and animation, 3D printing technology has shown its wider application prospects. If you happen to be a 3d printing modeler who comes into contact with animation, welcome to leave a message about your industry.

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