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Printing application Tips (2)

In the previous article, Matrix Laser told you some problems of wire extrusion, adhesion, extrusion amount, and warping when printing and this article continues to summarize and sort out the problems of 3D printing in the printing process.

Print holes and gaps:

To save materials and shorten time, many 3D printed parts are composed of solid shells and porous hollow inner cores. Generally, the number of solid layers at the top and the filling rate are adjusted. There is also a wire problem or extrusion rate caused by the discharge factor.

Print overheating:

Temperature, for the print, is a very important factor, the more at the end of the printing, because of the temperature, the more serious the problem, resulting in printing failure. Generally, the printing heat dissipation, printing temperature, and printing speed are adjusted.

Print layer dislocation:

The solution to the problem of layer misalignment is inspection. Check the moving speed of the nozzle and the synchronization belt of the machine.

Print layer cracking:

3D printing builds the model by printing layers, so we need to make sure that each layer is glued together from the pieces. If there is no good bonding between layers, there will be layer cracking, resulting in printing failure. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust the height and printing temperature.

Print appears speckled scar:

In the 3D printing process, the extruder moves in different positions, and it must continue to stop or start extrusion. Each time the extrusion mechanism is closed and then opened, it will produce obvious changes. That’s why we have this phenomenon.

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