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Three easy ways to level 3D prints

For 3D printing users, the most troublesome thing when printing is leveling, because if the printing platform is not level with the nozzle, printing will definitely fail during the printing process!
In a 3D printer, the printing platform serves as the carrying platform for the model. If there is a deviation, it will inevitably lead to errors in details in the later printing, which may cause the model to be at an incorrect angle or cause displacement and other problems. Some companies use the “auto-leveling” function to adjust the printing platform as level as possible. However, in actual operation, most level adjustments cannot effectively solve this problem. For now, the level adjustment module on the 3D printer still serves as an auxiliary function.

1. Paper: Commonly used adjustment modes
When training users, most companies will recommend using A4 paper as an auxiliary tool for level adjustment. The main reason is that A4 paper has a certain thickness. During adjustment, if there is slight pressure, the thickness will not be significantly affected. Big impact.

However, in actual operation, especially for multiple leveling points (more than 4), using this adjustment mode requires a long time to adjust. However, during the adjustment process, other platform support problems may cause it to become impossible to adjust. flat question. Therefore, the method of leveling A4 paper is not the most appropriate leveling method.

2. Adjustment during printing: a quick method for beginners
For beginners, quick leveling is the only way to complete printing as quickly as possible. If a lot of time is spent on leveling, this is tantamount to “disabling” for beginners. For beginners, how do you quickly adjust the printing platform to meet the requirements of 3D printing?

The best way is to build a comprehensive model. For example, you can design a four-corner model with a surface area of less than 130*130mm and let the 3D printer start printing. During the printing process, you can see the filament extruded from the nozzle laying on the platform. , at this time, you can understand the uniformity of the extrusion volume through the extrusion filament and adjust the level of the printing platform based on the uniformity.

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