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What are the advantages and disadvantages of FDM desktop 3D printers?

FDM, the full name of FDM in Chinese, is currently the most widely used 3D printing technology. This technology was invented by the American company Stratasys in the late 1980s. In 1992, the company launched the world’s first 3D printer based on FDM technology, marking the entry of FDM technology into the commercial stage. In 2009, FDM key technology patents expired, and various 3D printing companies based on FDM technology began to appear in large numbers, and the industry ushered in a period of rapid development.
As the most widely used 3D printer at present, FDM 3D printers are deeply loved by consumers and are also the first choice for most 3D printing enthusiasts. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of FDM desktop 3D printers. Friends who want to buy one can learn about it.

Advantages of FDM 3D printers
The advantages of FDM technology include low cost, a wide range of molding materials, less environmental pollution, smaller equipment and material volumes, high raw material utilization, and relatively simple post-processing.

Disadvantages of FDM 3D Printers
FDM desktop 3D printers will also have shortcomings. Any product is perfect and will have its shortcomings to some extent; as the saying goes, there are advantages and disadvantages.

1. Printing accuracy is relatively ordinary
2. Too fine a structure will not work well
3. Designs with high surface quality requirements have poor results.
4. There is slight deformation. Please use with caution for designs with very high size requirements.

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