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What are the common tools for 3d printing?

In the process of 3D printing, some small tools are often used. Today, Matrix Laser will share with you a few 3d printing tools with high frequency, hoping to help new students.

Blue duct tape

Masking tape is the most widely used tool, and applying masking tape can make the model more closely fit the printing platform. In addition, the tape also helps us to better remove the model when printing is complete.


If you want to improve the adhesion of the model to the platform, glue is the most convenient way. Just apply the glue evenly to the platform, and you can immediately increase the adhesion of the platform.

Electronic caliper

Calipers are used in many ways and can be used to check the accuracy of model printing. By measuring the size of the actual printed object, the performance of the 3D printer can be judged, and it is a tool to measure whether a machine can accurately restore the size of the model.


When the printing task is started, the tweezers need to be ready to hand at all times. This is because before the 3D printer begins to print, the extrusion nozzle often oozes some melted consumables, which will stick to the nozzle after melting, and it is best to use tweezers (if the hand will be burned) to remove this part. In addition, when the 3D printer has blocked material, it can also use tweezers to clip out the broken material stuck in the print head.

The blade is used for the post-grinding and machining of the model. During the printing process, some bubbles may appear on the surface of the model, in which case the blade can be used. A blade can be used to remove plastic bubbles from the surface of the model, or the wires themselves. The blade can also remove some of the drawing that supports or even the surface of the model. It is recommended that you choose a utility knife because it is more flexible and easier to use.


Pliers have a variety of uses, can be used to remove support, and can also be used as a machine repair. Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters are essential. Wire cutters are especially important because they can effectively remove complex supports and, of course, cut wire.

Various sizes of hex wrenches

In the dismantling of the machine, and replacing the fan and other parts, the hex wrench can play a very large role.

Other types of wrenches

Socket wrenches and open wrenches are often used when changing nozzles. The open wrench is fixed to the heating block and the nozzle is twisted with the socket wrench to replace the nozzle more conveniently and safely.


Spatula or pry bar

Sometimes the model is so tightly glued to the platform that it is difficult to remove it by hand. Similar problems can be easily solved with a spatula or a pry bar. Carefully extend the blade into the gap between the object and the platform, slowly pry the bottom of the model gradually loose, and then remove the model from the platform.


Spray gun

An airbrush is also often used to treat fine-brushed surfaces.


In addition, there are some other tools, such as weights, files, and so on, are often used.

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