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What are the requirements for 3D printing models?

1. The object model must be closed.
It can also be said to be “watertight” in layman’s terms. Sometimes it can be difficult to check if your model has such a problem. If you are unable to find this problem, you can use some software, such as the STL detection function of 3D Max.

2. The object requires thickness.
In all kinds of software, surfaces are ideal and have no wall thickness, but in reality, things without wall thickness do not exist, so when modeling, you cannot simply surround several surfaces to form an unclosed model.

3. The object model must be a manifold:
For a complete definition of a manifold, see Mathematical Definitions. From our simple point of view, if multiple faces share an edge in mesh data, then it is non-manifold.

4. Correct the normal direction:
All face normals in the model need to point in the correct direction. If your model contains the wrong normal direction, our printer won’t be able to tell whether it’s inside or outside of the model.

5. Minimum thickness of object model:
The nozzle diameter of the printer is certain, and the wall thickness of the printed model takes into account the minimum wall thickness that the printer can print. Otherwise, failures or incorrect models will occur. Generally, the minimum thickness is 2mm, which varies according to different 3D printers.

6. Redundant geometric shapes need to be deleted
If some reference points, lines, or surfaces during modeling also include some hidden geometric shapes that are not deleted when the modeling is completed, the redundant geometric shapes need to be deleted.

7. Delete duplicate dough pieces
When modeling, superimposing two faces will produce duplicate patches, and the duplicate faces need to be deleted.

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