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Does the popularity of 3D printing technology mean the decline of the mold industry?
I don’t know why some people are still hyping the concept that 3D printing will subvert the manufacturing...
Seven things you need to know about metal 3D printing
For some engineers, 3D printing may appear out of nowhere in an unwelcome way. Company managers saw reports...
Common plastic molding processes and their application ranges
The plastic molding process is a technical method for making plastics in various forms (powder, pellets,...
3D printing post-processing, and sandblasting
Sandblasting is a process that uses the impact of high-speed sand flow to clean and roughen the surface...
3D printing surface treatment process: silkscreen
Process introduction ​Silk screen printing generally refers to screen printing, which refers to using...
Principles of 3D printing technology: SLA3D printing technology Overview of SLA3D printing process
SLA is an additive manufacturing process that belongs to the reduction photopolymerization family. In...
What are the commonly used materials for metal 3D printing?
Metal 3D printing is a technology that belongs to digital thermal processing. The current 3D printing...
What are the factors that affect 3D printing accuracy?
With the gradual popularization of 3D printing technology, more and more ordinary users can be exposed...
How do you choose the most suitable wall thickness for 3D printing products?
For different printing models and different printing materials, choosing the appropriate 3D printing...
What is the difference between 3D printing material pla and abs? What kind of material does 3d printing abs material belong to?
Characteristics and advantages of PLA (polylactic acid) 3D printing material PLA (polylactic acid) is...
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