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Application of 3D printing DLP technology in industrial industry

DLP printers use DMD (Digital Micro Projection Chip), which is composed of millions of tiny reflectors. Each reflector can be controlled independently and can be tilted to adjust the direction of light projection. The number of mirrors within the DMD determines the printing resolution.

The principle of DLP 3D printing technology is based on the properties of light-curing resin. Before printing begins, DLP cuts the 3D model into many thin layers based on its data. When the printer works, it projects an image onto the photosensitive resin. The image is made up of millions of tiny points of light, each corresponding to a pixel. These tiny spots of light influence the resin, causing it to solidify into the desired shape. Then, the printing platform gradually rises and printing is repeated layer by layer until the entire model is completed.

DLP 3D printing technology has wide applications in many fields. For example, industrial manufacturing, it can produce high-precision prototypes, molds, and parts, accelerating product development and production cycles. In the medical field, DLP technology can be used in dentistry, orthopedics, and other fields to produce personalized prostheses, implants, and dental crowns. In the field of art and cultural protection, DLP 3D printing technology also has unique value, enabling the reproduction and restoration of cultural relics and artworks.



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