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DLP-Application in Precision Casting

DLP Technology

The principle is to use a digital light source to project layer by layer on the surface of liquid photosensitive resin in the form of surface light, and then solidify and shape it layer by layer. DLP technology has many similarities with SLA. Its working principle is also based on the characteristics of liquid photosensitive polymer curing under light.

1. It can process part materials that are difficult to manufacture by traditional methods, such as gradient material parts, multi-material parts, etc., which is beneficial to the design of new materials.

2. The cycle and cost of manufacturing blank molds for complex parts are greatly reduced. When engineering materials are used to directly form mechanical parts, there is no need to design and manufacture blank-forming molds.

3. The near-net forming of the blank is achieved, the machining allowance is greatly reduced, the waste of materials is avoided, the energy consumption is reduced, and it is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.

4. Since the time and cost of process preparation are greatly reduced, the cycle and cost of single-piece trial production and small-batch production are greatly reduced. It is especially suitable for the development of new products and the production of single-piece batch parts.

5. Combined with traditional methods, it can realize functions such as rapid casting, rapid mold manufacturing, and small batch parts production, injecting new vitality into traditional manufacturing methods.



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