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FDM – Application of 3D printing in electronic products

The FDM principle is based on fused deposition modeling, and the material is usually made of plastic into filaments, called fused filaments. During the printing process, the FDM printer heats the fused filament to a molten state and then extrudes it onto the printing platform through the extrusion head. The extrusion head stacks the molten filaments layer by layer at a certain speed and temperature according to the path and shape indicated by the code, ultimately forming a three-dimensional object.

The application fields of 3D printing in the consumer electronics industry (including mobile phones, electronic products, computers, home appliances, tools, etc.) are specifically focused on key aspects of product appearance design and development design, and the application fields have significant advantages. The consumer electronics industry is characterized by short life cycles of new products and rapid upgrading, which requires continuous development, design, and investment. The advantage of 3D printing lies in the small batch production and short-time production of new products with high levels of complexity. Relying on the advantages of 3D printing, it can shorten the development schedule of new products and reduce production costs, which is of great practical significance to the consumer goods industry.



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