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SLM-3D printing medical applications

Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) is an additive manufacturing technology that uses laser as an energy source. Using discretization methods to “accumulate” the forming principle point by point or layer by layer, and quickly “print” product parts based on the product’s three-dimensional CAD model

Laser additive manufacturing has been widely used in the biomedical field due to its advantages of patient-specific design, high complexity, high productivity, and high cost-effectiveness. Major applications of additive manufacturing in biomedicine include tissue engineering models, anatomical models, pharmacological design, and biomedical instrumentation. Compared with traditional medical device manufacturing technology, laser additive manufacturing technology is a new medical device manufacturing technology with development prospects. Customized medical devices and surgical guides can be manufactured efficiently and accurately using laser additive manufacturing technology based on clinical images of patients. In addition, laser additive manufacturing is compatible with a variety of biocompatible materials, such as zinc alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, titanium alloys, etc., and is widely used in implants and orthotics/prosthesis manufacturing.



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Matrix Laser Technology Co., Ltd focuses on cutting-edge laser technologies and applications for unique industrial sectors by carrying on engineering co-development with leading engineering universities in China. With a technology-based, customer-oriented, and process-supported proposition, we aim to serve the global market with 3D printing and ultrafast laser processing technologies.

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