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December 7, 2023

High quality, high efficiency and value creation
All machines are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet diversified challenges.

Technical Characteristics Of SLA
One of the main advantages of SLA technology is the ability to create intricate shapes that are difficult...
SLS Technology in 3D Printing: Principles And Applications
First of all, SLS technology can use a variety of bondable materials, such as plastics, metal powders,...
Ceramic 3D Printing
1. Ceramic powder Ceramic powder is the most common ceramic material, and it can be used in a variety...
Cold Metal Fusion 3D Printing Technology
Parts printed with Cold Metal Fusion have the advantages of high strength, high precision, and high color....
3D Printing To Manufacture Rocket Nozzles
The rocket nozzle is one of the key components of the rocket engine, and its quality and performance...
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Matrix Laser Technology Co., Ltd focuses on cutting-edge laser technologies and applications for unique industrial sectors by carrying on engineering co-development with leading engineering universities in China. With a technology-based, customer-oriented, and process-supported proposition, we aim to serve the global market with 3D printing and ultrafast laser processing technologies.

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