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3D Printer for Beginners-MA100

Usually, getting a 3D printer means getting a box full of documents with bad parts. You end up spending hours on the Internet, searching forums, and asking for help to get the printer assembled and working properly.

The printer is not only fully assembled but also calibrated at the factory. All you have to do is perform a quick check to make sure that the print bed is still level to prevent the print bed from shifting during transportation, then load some filaments and start printing the model.

1. For beginners, if you don’t know how to use 3D slicing software, you can directly download the model file (Gcode file) to the TF card, insert it into the printer, and start printing. Press the “+” button to put the material in. If you need to replace or remove the material, press the “-” button and wait for a while to pull it out. After the material is put in, press the play button to start printing. The X1 3D printer is also suitable for children, but it needs to be done under the guidance of parents.

2. Leveling is the most important part of using this printer. Press the home button to start leveling. When the nozzle touches the magnetic plate, disconnect the power and start leveling. If the printer is not leveled properly, the magnetic plate may be damaged by being squeezed by the nozzle. If the nozzle is too far from the magnetic plate, the printed model will not stick to the plate. Please watch the leveling manual or video carefully.

The 3.3D printer nozzle uses a professional all-metal nozzle to ensure the best printing temperature and minimize the risk of printing errors. In addition, the printer’s kit has a layer resolution of up to 0.05 mm, which guarantees the accuracy of the print model. Dual fans provide better heat dissipation for faster and more even modeling. (Note: This mini 3D printer doesn’t have the Resume Print Function; if there is a power failure, it will print from the beginning .)

4. All Easy3D printers support a one-year warranty and provide lifetime technical support. If you have any problems after receiving the product, including product damage caused by the shipping process, you can contact us for a free replacement.




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