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MA150 – Suitable for the R&D and production of small precision parts such as dentistry, orthopedics, jewelry, etc.; research and education

MA-150 SLM 3D Printer
3D printer type: Kings M150 SLM 3D printer
External dimensions (length*width*height): 1200mm*800mm*1700mm (47.2*31.5*66.9 inches)
Forming cylinder size (length*width*height): 150mm*150mm*150mm (5.9*5.9*5.9 inches)
Scanning speed: 15m/s
Laser type: 1 IPG laser, 1*500W
Scanner: High-precision scanning system

MA150 After several generations of technological updates, this machine has excellent performance, low operating cost, and high precision. Widely used in dentistry, orthopedics, molds, jewelry, scientific research and education, and other fields.


(1) High precision and high quality

Supports 20μm laser spot size. Accurately print out every structural detail, using a concentrated laser, the energy greatly enhances the density and strength of the printed parts.

(2) Fully closed-loop powder handling system

The low oxygen content in the manufacturing environment ensures that the metal is not oxidized and is compatible with powders of different specifications.

(3) Double circulation wind on-site protection system

A dual circulation wind field protection system extends the life of optical components.

(4) Full pop-up piston system

Equipped with a fully pop-up piston system, changing metal powder is more convenient and faster, and 100% eliminates cross-powder contamination when changing powder.



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